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of this unfolding at suburban hospital. >>> on the campaign trail. two weeks to go before election day. mitt romney and paul ryan campaigning together in nevada. tomorrow congressman ryan will deliver his first policy speech since he was named the gop vice presidential nominee. his speech will take place at cleveland state university in ohio. officials say his remarks will focus on upward mobility and the economy. >> president obama and his running mate joe biden have to be in the crucial state of ohio right now. they just wrapped up a campaign rally in dayton. >>> the final debate last night focused mainly on foreign policy. once again, our partners at fact found many claims by both men that were false. here's nbc's dawn timmoney. >> reporter: the final battle between president barack obama and mitt romney gave voters the opportunity to hear more from each candidate on foreign policy. but fact check found several misleading and false statements. first, a claim from the president going back four years ago. >> when you are a candidate in 2008, as i was, and inif i got bin laden in our sigh
president obama and mitt romney tied among likely voters at 47% each. both candidates will be trying to break that tie tonight at their debate in boca raton, florida. kristen, let's play the expectations game. we know that the topic tonight is foreign affairs. which candidate is most likely to benefit from that? >> reporter: good evening, jim. foreign policy typically favors a sitting president. he is steeped in these issues. it's something that he's actually been dealing with for the past four years. the romney campaign knows that. so as he has with the first two debates, mitt romney has been preparing vigorously for this third debate. you can expect president obama to talk about the fact that he killed osama bin laden. let's talk about the fact he ended the war in iraq, that he's drawn down troops in afghanistan. but of course, there's a big opening here, and that is on the issue of libya. mitt romney has been hammering president obama and the obama administration for its handling of the situation in libya, for their sort of muddled message in the beginning for not having enough se
on hurricane sandy, and getting regular updates on emergency preparations. >>> mitt romney's been concentrating heavily on the crucial swing state of ohio. today he took a break, went to ames, iowa, for a rally. the republican candidate called for bold changes to improve the economy and made pledges to call good democrats to make it happen. there are five new polls out in ohio. and they show that president obama has a 2-point lead in that state. >> romney spent much of his time in ohio this week, his campaign is not ignoring virginia. senator john mccain spent today drumming up support for romney among veterans. julie carey caught up with senator mccain in fairfax, and woodbridge. >> reporter: four years ago it was senator john mccain who was the one challenging barack obama, trying to win the presidency. in 2012, he's assumed the role of a surrogate for the romney campaign and republican senate candidates in tight races across the country. today he met with veterans. his advice to the romney campaign? >> it's very hard for me to give advice, since i lost. >> reporter: jokes aside, mccain said
told cbs this morning he respects mitt romney, but thinks he has been vague on many issues. the retired general and former diplomat also noted that president obama got the u.s. out of iraq, and in powell's words, didn't get us into any new wars. >>> president obama is wrapping up a campaign swing in the battleground state of virginia. speaking to a large crowd of supporters in richmond, he asked them to help him win a second term. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey asked voters who they think will win the commonwealth. >> i'm sorry, are you fired up? are you ready to go? >> reporter: the nonstop fly around the six battleground states was already taking a toll on president barack obama's voice as he made a stop in richmond's bird park. >> you may notice my voice sounds a little hoarse. we are right in the middle of our 48-hour fly-around campaign extravaganza. >> reporter: the crowd of 15,000 was one of the biggest in virginia this campaign season. along with his campaign blitz, mr. obama will become the first president to cast an early bal lort later today in chicago. >> i can't
of the 4 by 8 plastic coated romney banner is two metal supports. >> the dogs were barking, i came downstairs and looked out the front window and there was a gentleman standing on the front porch, i looked past him to see the sign. and a fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: stevens said when she came outside about 2:00 a.m. monday, her first thought was that the fire had been set deliberately. >> it's one thing to spray paint a sign or slash it and steal it. it's another to set it on fire. that's wrong. >> reporter: leesburg police officers responded and took a report. >> due to the nature of the call, we did turn the case over to the fire marshal's office. >> reporter: although the leesburg incident is the most serious, nearly every jurisdiction in maryland, virginia, and the district has reported vandalism to political signs this year. >> i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: the stevens' neighbor, virginia state senator mark harrington, a democrat, came by to offer support. he said he, too, is looking forward to an especially rancorous election year. >> i hope we can work to c
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5